Emily's Style Notes: Phillip Lim Shoots Target Campaign in Toronto

Assistant Fashion News Editor Emily Ramshaw and other fashion insiders play picnickers in their best threads for Phillip Lim's photo shoot promoting his Target collaboration


Models play natural at Toronto’s Sherbourne Commons; Photo by George Pimentel

Yesterday, I was invited to join more than 20 Canadian fashion insiders to shoot an exclusive campaign for the launch of the Phillip Lim for Target collection during New York Fashion Week at the beginning of September. We were asked to wear our own clothes and show off our personal style, while we were situated in a picnic setting at Sherbourne Commons on Toronto’s waterfront. Models joined us dressed in the BOOM! sweater and sweet silky frocks from the collection


Lim, centre, offers his opinion on the campaign images; Photo by George Pimentel


The production value was major, with the Danish photographer Peter Funch running the show. I’ve never been in such a big shoot with so many moving parts and people, and it felt more like what I imagine a movie set would be like, with multiple creative directors, prop stylists, wardrobe stylists, a makeup and hair trailer and many other crew members and assistants of assistants running around with cameras or clipboards or bottles of water or all of the above. It was the kind of chaos that is such fun to be a part of. What’s more, a significant portion of the fashion community was in front of the camera—together—rather than in our usual roles behind the scenes.

Blogger Jay Strut and model Stacey McKenzie

Blogger Jay Strut and model Stacey McKenzie; Photo by George Pimentel

Best of all, the man of the hour showed face to join our tableau and be shot with us. While Phillip Lim was only in town for a few hours, he graced our portrait with his presence—Canada being Target’s great new frontier. He was extremely friendly and stuck around following the shoot to meet us. (Any previous interaction I’d had with him was by email and phone, like for our exclusive interview in the September issue.) The idea of the campaign is to shoot stylish residents from five cities across North America—Los Angeles and New York, to Dallas, Chicago and Toronto—each at a different time of day and doing a different activity.


Dan Levy and I post Frisbee-toss; Photo by George Pimentel

Here in Toronto, Funch had us picnicking under the afternoon sun. People were sprawled out on blankets and lawn chairs eating fruit and sipping soda, but a few of us were asked little more active. Dan Levy and I were directed to toss a Frisbee back and forth, despite our cries that you couldn’t find two people who found the game of catch less natural. We gamely got into the spirit—turns out we were very good at faking it. Fingers-crossed we pulled it off! All will be revealed at the launch on September 5th.