10 Questions With Phillip Lim at Saks Fifth Avenue

The New York designer is launching his 3.1 Phillip Lim capsule collection exclusively at Saks, which opened its doors in Canada today!

Phillip Lim and his Mini Pashli at Saks Fifth Avenue in Toronto

Phillip Lim and his Mini Pashli at the new Saks Fifth Avenue in Toronto

In celebration of a decade designing, Phillip Lim teamed up with Saks Fifth Avenue to create a capsule collection that’s totally spring-ready. With a chilled out theme of “stop and smell the flowers,” it simultaneously captures 3.1 Phillip Lim’s effortlessly cool vibes, and reminds the wearer that there’s always time to take a much needed break. FLARE sat down with Lim at the brand new Saks Fifth Avenue store in Toronto, where his collection will be carried in Canada exclusively, and asked him 10 get-to-know-you questions about his life, his breakfast and his binge watching.

What’s your favourite app right now?
Vivino. It’s a wine app. It’s great because every time you’re going out to restaurant, if you’re tasting or someone introduces you to a glass of wine and you’re like “it’s delicious,” you take a picture of the bottle, and it tells you where you can get it. It shows you wine stores within in a certain mileage around where you are, with reviews too. It’s great for parties.

What’s the last fashion piece that you bought for yourself?
It was a WWII lieutenant-style khaki shirt. I bought it in Dumbo, New York. I really like a lot of vintage. I like collectible vintage.

Do you have a favourite vintage store?
There’s a beautiful vintage store called Front General in Dumbo and they have amazing Americana, WWII finds and jeans. It’s owned by a Japanese man. It’s funny—the Japanese have more collectibles of Americana.

When and where was your last vacation?
We have such a crazy schedule, so I try to do all of my campaigns in places that are on my bucket list. So they can’t deny me, I have to go to work. The last one was in Ethiopia. I always wanted to go there, so it was a perfect opportunity, or excuse. I brought my friend Lia, who’s in the campaign. She’s from Ethiopia so she showed us her hometown and we shot there.

What did you have for breakfast today?
Coffee. That’s it. We went out for a drink last night and came home a bit late, then “rise and shine.” The funny thing is, when I travel, I like to have a proper breakfast. But at home, I just have coffee.

Are there any up-and-coming New York designers that you are excited about right now?
It’s a group of them, actually. In this environment and in this economy, it’s quite challenging. It’s  amazing to still see youth charge at it, and I think it’s so important, because you need to move the language forward. I was thinking about this the other day, even in my own body of work I fear more some times. I have to remind myself of that fearlessness that comes with youth.

What are you listening to right now?
I was listening to a lot of hip hop, but now I’m listening to a lot of Morrissey. Kind of just bringing it back there right now, it’s on heavy rotation. My favourite song, it’s so emo, it’s called “My Love Life.”

What are you binge-watching on Netflix right now?
Chef’s Table. I love food shows. I recently got into cooking so I’m kind of obsessed with it. Because they showcase like not a restaurant but the mind of a chef, they go inside it. I think whatever the discipline, if you’re in a creative discipline too, you understand it. The torment, the victories. At the end of the day, it’s the satisfaction.

Do you follow sports, and if so, do you have a favourite team?
I like tennis. I don’t know if that’s a team sport. I like Novak Djokovic, I think he’s amazing. I play it, too. I started to play when I was in high school, and I haven’t played for a while, but I’ve been picking it up again for exercise.

What’s one thing that people maybe don’t know about you but might be surprised to learn about you?
I have this funny habit of buying things in multiples. Even a pair of shoes, I’ll buy two colours, or two materials. I think it’s really strange. I bought my assistant a Christmas gift, a little Hermès bracelet, and I bought two of them. I need two of them or I won’t buy them. I think it’s idea of balance. Some people call it excess, I call it balance.

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