Paul Hardy Reveals His Calgary Stampede White Hat

We caught up with the Canadian designer as he revealed his Calgary Stampede design

Paul Hardy's white hat celebrating the Calgary Stampede
Designer Paul Hardy with his signature white hat for the Calgary Stampede

Photo Courtesy of Paul Hardy

Veteran Canadian designer Paul Hardy has been commissioned to create a signature white hat for 40 famous Canadians, as chosen by the people behind the Calgary Stampede. We caught up with the designer to discuss the project and the inspirations behind the design, before the list of recipients is unveiled on July 10th.

Tell us about the design and where we can spot your style signatures.
The intention was to modernize the white hat by giving it a less refined shape by developing lines reminiscent of a well worn hat. The hat is lined with the signature Calgary red, and banded in black leather. The custom hand made leather belting from Italy, has an inter-looping design reflective of a lasso and notes of the old West.

How does Canada inspire your designs?
Canada is a multicultural and cosmopolitan place that embraces itself with nature. Rustic ease in sophistication, hard and soft textures are all elements I draw from the people and the land for my design inspiration.

Who are some of the famous Canadians that you’d love to see wearing your designs as recipients of the award?
I’d love to see Michael Bublé, Bryan Adams, Karen Kain, George Stromboulopoulos and Steve Nash wearing the hat.

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