Party Tips for Hosts…and Guests!

Ultimate party tips to get your party started.

Party Tips for Hosts…and Guests!
By Miss Martini

Ultimate Party Tips

Delegate, recruit or hire
• Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family ask some people to arrive early to help set up.
• Hire a cleaning crew for the day after so that you don’t have to concern yourself with the clean up.
• If you are going to have kids around, give them jobs to do…they make great busboys & waitresses – and they can even make some tips.
• There are many companies out there where you can hire service staff, and if you want to have your own personalized martini bar, you simply contact us
Guest Tip: Provide any of these services as a gift to ensure that you will always be invited back.

Encourage Participation
• Theme parties are always a blast. A potluck is fun & easy and it makes the guests feel important.
• Semi-costume: Make guests wear a wig or even just a funny party hat!
Guest Tip: Put some thought into it and really participate to the fullest.

Check the Guest list

• Try to invite people that have things in common or that you know will get along on some level. You can’t invite everyone you know so pick & choose a good group to match with the atmosphere that you want to create.
• Make sure you also invite enough people – some people want to have a big fun party, but then they start to get so carried away with all of the details and logistics that they end up not inviting enough people. Inevitably, a number of people will not show up and we have found that the parties with a few too many are usually a little more exciting.
Guest Tip: Make an effort to move around and mingle with the other guests.

Stock Up
• Have lots of food, ice for drinks, cups, napkins & music selection. Don’t forget garbage bags & recycle bins!
• Keep a list of what you need so you can designate something for guests to bring, should they offer.
• Consider if you need some extra refrigeration or ice bins for beer & wine.
• Make sure there is enough seating. Although we think chairs are seriously over-rated, standing forces mingling and chatting. It is very reasonable to ask people to bring their own lawn chair or cooler if you are having a back yard or pool party.
Guest Tip: Call the host ahead of time and ask what you can bring. Or simply offer your help once you arrive.

Funny but True Host Tip: Miss Martini always says that if you are having people over you should make sure your bathroom is the cleanest room in the house; because that is where people spend the most time sitting and inspecting.

Keep them entertained
• A card tournament where guests rotate & play with different partners will get everyone acquainted. Activities such as Twister, Trivial Pursuit, charades or even Karaoke will keep the night moving along (and a little competition is always fun)! These types of activities can also involve the kids if they are not off at Grandma’s house for the weekend, and makes the party enjoyable for them too.
Guest Tip: Bring any of the above mentioned games as a gift for the host.

Don’t FRET!
Let’s put this as plainly as possible, if the host is standing in the kitchen crying because the crab ball didn’t turn out- the guests are probably ready to cry into a side dish. As a host it is your job to keep everything positive and people will feed off of your energy. Take it from Miss Martini things always go wrong at a party, that’s part of the fun!

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Great gifts to bring as a guest

• Food in a unique bowl (the host keeps the bowl)
• A watering can full of fresh flowers
• A fully equipped stocked cheese tray & knives complete with crackers (ask the cheese monger for a varied selection of flavours)
• An ice bucket with champagne
• Hire a photographer or serving staff
• Houseplants with pots
• Plants or flowers for the garden
• Luxury hand soaps & creams for the bathroom
• Homemade preserves in decorative jars
• A funky doormat
• Wind chimes
• Cookbooks or children’s books
• A subscription to Flare Magazine
• A specialty martini recipe & ingredients with shaker set and glassware

Customized Bottles
It is also a little known fact that most beer stores offer a service that allows you to create personalized beer bottles. Just bring in a digital photograph of someone or something and you can have a customized case of beer with the label of your choosing – this can make for a hilarious conversation piece, and can even become one of the highlights of the party!

Host Tip: The best gift you can provide for your guests is the memory of a wonderful party.
• Take the initiative of taking some digital pictures and emailing them out afterward with thank-you notes.
• It is always a really nice touch to take a moment during the party to say something heartfelt or propose a toast to thank everyone for coming.
• Set the mood, play some great music & have a great time!
…And at the end of it all offer everyone a taxi to get them home safely or couch to sleep on if it’s really late!

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