One-on-One With Kelly Cutrone

The PR maven stops in Toronto for a quick chat about her new book and more

One-on-One With Kelly Cutrone
New In Books: Kelly Cutrone's Normal Gets You Nowhere

Photo Courtesy of HarperCollins

We went one-on-one with self proclaimed (and rightfully so) fashion PR machine Kelly Cutrone as she made a pitstop in Toronto during her Normal Gets You Nowhere book tour. Dressed in classic black, Cutrone told us why she’s out with a second book, the story behind her gritty new cover, and what she’s doing to get more consumers (that means you) at fashion shows:

On coming out with a second book:
“With my first book I reached a lot of people and I met with a lot of them. I realized there weren’t many writers speaking to them, in their language. You have people like Candace Bushnell (writer of the Sex and the City book series) creating characters and you have singers like [Lady] Gaga, but no one’s talking directly to young people—especially consistently. After reading all the letters, I thought another book would be great.”

On the writing process:
“This book actually started writing me while I was in Toronto. I had this huge spiritual awakening when I met Amma who literally ate me up and spit me out with all her compassion. She gave me a new awareness…and then my Dad passed away in May and that’s reflected in the “Seasons in the Sun” chapter. All these events played out as mini-vignettes as both a consumer and citizen of the world. And I wanted to share these experiences because I do have a unique view point.”

On her cover image and the bold change from her first cover:
“There’s a reason for that. The cover of my first book was shot on a solid white backdrop and made me look like a psycho soccer mom. And to put it into perspective, anytime my mother calls me and tells me I look amazing I get really scared. So when she did, I screamed [Cutrone screams]. And so for this book cover shoot, I was coming off a really intense trip in Toronto and I wasn’t in the mood for shoot…for the cover I really wanted a Tibetan-meets-pop image where the focus is all in the eyes.”

On democracy in fashion:
“I still think we’re a very closed industry. Fashion shows aren’t public events so they’re throwing crumbs when really it should be a buffet. You have young designers like Jeremy Scott or Henry Holland who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars doing these fashion shows and everyone there is feeding off of them and there’s just no reciprocity. So what I’ve done is sell a few rows to people who would actually be interested in buying from these collections to bring the money back to the designer. And taking that money and sending it to an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal.”

On buying the collection after the show:
“Who wants to buy a parka in July? Not many people actually want to be the first one to have pieces right off the runway. Everyone can wait till it actually lands in stores.”

Kelly Cutrone’s Normal Gets You Nowhere is available in bookstores now.