On the Runway

Toronto: Chloé Comme Parris' Dark Turn

Photo by George Pimentel

The Gordon sisters, Chloé and Parris, brought their act to Toronto Fashion Week for a second time yesterday and their follow-up effort for their Chloé Comme Parris proved they were starting with a solid foundation.

The collection had an overall artist vibe–though on the dark, rock and roll end of the spectrum–aimed at the young and stylish. The mood came through in the colour palette, such as it was–black and grey with a smattering of greenish-grey stripes. Where the interest came in was the mix of textures: a varsity jacket with nubby wool sleeves or an asymmetrical velvet top with one sheer sleeve. The effect was most fresh in wide horizontal striped that alternated sheer with panné velvet. Belt buckles were used liberally, on shoulders, cuffs and jacket waists–though never to secure an actual belt.

The line has made a signature of unusual cutouts and cutaways, playing with the usual lineup of erogenous zones. Last season dresses and shirts showed slices of the models’ hips and for fall curved cutouts in button up shirts made a similar reveal. One skirt, knee-length in the front, dropping near the ankles in the back, arched up on either side to reveal more of the leg. The show’s one white piece played on the poet blouse, cutting away at the inner elbow before looping around the wrist, secured by swinging tassels.

It was tough to catch more than a glimpse of the jewellery pieces, created by Parris Gordon, as it flies by at model speed, but we did love the long necklaces strung with glass crystals and draped across the torso like bullet slings. (The crystals worked less well when swinging from a black cape.

The Chloé Comme Parris show offered much for urbanite, brooding or otherwise, but most importantly, it signalled an exciting new voice on the Canadian catwalk.

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