On the Runway

Milan Fashion Week: DSquared's True Grit; Polish and Blush at Armani

The latest from the runways in Milan

Up early for the Dsquared show. I love it when twins Dean and Dan Caten put a cheeky sexy spin on their Canadian roots. And it looks like I’m in luck today with show notes that read, “early American settlers and Black Creek granny bikers.” Sounds like fun, and so much better than the other fetish-influenced rant they often fall into. Dancing guys in cages wearing leather thongs is a shock to the system first thing in the morning.

Thankfully today, the boys pull off an amazing True Grit inspired show. The set features wintry cliffs with a covered wagon and blowing snow. Arizona strides down the runway (although she can’t walk very well at the best of times) in a ten gallon hat and lace-up stiletto boots with ice skate soles. It’s a fun romp that showcases wide-leg jeans worn with ankle-length leather coats, cropped jackets with leg-o-mutton sleeves, and plaid shirts. It’s the kind of Canadiana heritage show that Dsquared has perfected. One of my favourites of the season.

After those amazing skating soles, we went to check out Brian Atwood’s showroom. The charming American produces some of the sexiest shoes in the business. Brian was a little bleary-eyed when we caught up with him. He was up until 4:30 a.m. watching some of his A-list clients (Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway) at the Oscars. His shoes are big sellers at The Room in Toronto–always the heels he tells me, as I admire a pair of studded flats. I love all of his rich new suedes, long plumes and the  new twisted gold heel, the Empire.

Next stop, the Giorgio Armani collection. Tina Turner is greeted with cheers when she enters the theatre. Would love to hear her sing–she looks amazing. Armani dishes up a pretty polished collection of suits and shimmery evening gowns (lots of that silver I’ve been writing about all week). He handles the new blush hue (the season’s second hottest colour) particularly well in soft feathered jackets, shiny suits (with cropped cuffed trousers) and those silvery gowns. A great way to end the week!