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Milan Fashion Week: 5 Things We Loved On Day 2

Swishy paillettes, sneakers and Sergio Rossi

Photography by Landov

Photography by Anthea Simms

Shoppers: It’s always fun to see fashion editors descend like locusts on the local boutiques between shows. The top choice appears to be Prada where banana skirts are being snapped up by the bushel. Trouble is, this quirky print ruffled mini looks sweet on very, very few.

Gold dust: I got starry-eyed over Fendi’s gold twinkled sheers and furs. Subtle yet stunning.

Sneakers: What’s not to love about a pair of neon kicks? The highlight of D&G’s alphabet soup was the Converse-inspired high wedges. Cute and comfortable!

Fantasy shoes:  I absolutely loved Sergio Rossi’s footwear collection, especially the black spotted white booties and another design with a swirl ripple up the ankle. They remind me of treasures found under a toadstool in Alice in Wonderland.

Swishy paillettes: As you’ve likely figured out by now, I’m a HUGE Prada fan. Loved the show but it was the swishy click-click of the oversized transparent paillettes on the cocktail frocks as the models walked by that swept me away.

Love/hate: I love the new American models Britt Maren and Arizona Muse but wish their fabulous short cuts were more distinctive in stronger colours. They both look a little “mousy” this week (a jab that both of blonde sisters used to take at me regularly when we were kids). Go platinum, mahogany or red, girls.

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