On the Runway

Heavyweight Lashes At Joe Fresh

Models sported mascara to the max on the Spring 2011 runway

“We have full budget for mascara,” joked makeup pro Eddie Malter to the other artists backstage at the Joe Fresh show, as he encouraged them to load up models’ lashes. “Usually we say no clumps, but today, we want a lot.” To achieve this all-out look, Malter removed the mascara tube’s wiper (which normally controls the amount of formula that gets on the brush) and used a plastic wand to apply big gobs directly to lashes, especially at the roots. Despite the heavyweight lashes, the beauty look was otherwise minimalist. Fresh skin with a few subtle highlights, a colourless balm applied only to the lower lip, a touch of blush and a bare eyelid made for a subdued look that let the maxed-out fringe grab all the attention.