On Set With: Getting Personal with Cover Star Zoe Saldana

Go behind-the-scenes of our January cover shoot and see Zoe Saldana with her rescue pooch, learn what tracks she's got on repeat and who her style icons are


When: October 31

Where: Milk Studios, Los Angeles

Artist Marco Perego has good reason for immortalizing his wife’s face on his arm in tattoo form: Zoe Saldana is a timeless beauty as beguiling as a Na’vi alien in the year 2154, or as the imagined heroine of a 1960s pulp novel cover, which was the inspiration for our shoot. The former dancer knew instantly how to bring a sultry noir vixen to life, shimmying with Solange’s True on repeat while the crew danced along. She handily fielded some tempting distractions, in the form of Mugsy, the adorably scruffy stray she rescued from a busy intersection, and a visit from Perego, from whom she stole kisses between outfits. (She’s fond of teasing him by imitating his Italian accent with an exaggerated Latina one.) Quinoa, the brain grain, was her healthy lunch.

Despite her reputation as a stylesetter—she’s pals with Prabal Gurung, and a red-carpet standout—Zoe lamented that she has no time to shop. We sent her home with four pulls she loved: a sheer peasant blouse from Aritzia and three tops from new Toronto label Markoo.



Rescue mutt Mugsy (“She had a little Bob Marley dreadlock when I found her”) didn’t want to stray from her mistress’s side




Zoe wed artist Marco Perego in secret last June; the press didn’t catch on for months