Olympic Fashion: Young Designers Create Official Uniforms

The three young London designers behind the fashion at this summers Olympic Games

British Milliner Zara Gorman's design for the Olympic Games

Photos Courtesy of London Olympics

Official Outfits for the London Olympics

Photos Courtesy of London Olympics

While Stella McCartney was enlisted to design looks for the Brit athletes at the upcoming summer Olympics, when it came to outfitting the volunteers that help run the show, officials went in a different direction and chose an unexpected group of young talents.

Designers Zara Gorman, Tom Crisp, Trine Have Christensen, alumni of London’s Royal College of Art have created a new set of uniforms that nod to Olympic architecture, British history and Greek mythology. In an electric shade of amethyst, the designers went wild opting for a futuristic look when it came to cuts and embellishments–certainly fit for London’s style. Gold zippers, fuchsia sashes and over the top shoulders will certainly get these do-gooders noticed by fans from around the world.

Gorman, the milliner who designed spirited fascinators for the volunteers to wear, has previously worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, while Christensen and Crisp (chosen as womenswear and menswear designers, respectively) have been lauded with accolades from top fashion critics.

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