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Fall’s must-have cape gets even more desirable when paired with an opulent dress.

Cashmere/wool cape, Ralph Lauren Collection.

Viscose dress, $108, French Connection.

Wool turtleneck, $220, Ohdd.

Gloves, Costume National; hose, H&M

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Scale new heights with platform boots and elbow-length gloves.

Rabbit-fur belted vest, $330, Essentiel.

Wool turtleneck, $220, Ohdd.

Hat and gloves, Holt Renfrew Private Brand; sunglasses, Prada; shoulder pads, Izzy Camilleri; short, Ports 1961; hose, Marni; boots, Louis Vuitton.

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Cocoon in a luxurious mix of rustic knitwear and fur.

Mink collar, $385, Harricana par Mariouche.

Alpaca vest, $195, Essentiel.

Cashmere cardigan, $225, Banana Republic.

Cotton bodysuit, $40, H&M; wool turtleneck, $220, Ohdd; cashmere legging, approx, $1,220, Ralph Lauren Collection.

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With an uninhibited and natural spirit, knit dressing makes layering a breeze.

Fox/lambskin jacket, Izzy Camilleri.

Alpaca cardigan, Jean Paul Gaultier.

Wool dress, approx. $1,090, Celine.

Cotton bodysuit, $40, H&M; microfibre/Lycra legging, $13, Mondor influence.

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Belt a chunky knit to create a streamlined silhouette.

Fox-fur hood with scarf, Hugo, Hugo Boss.

Wool/acrylic sweater, $35, H&M.

Wool turtleneck, $220, Ohdd.

Microfibre/Lycra legging, $13, Mondor Influence. Belt, Essentiel.

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Embrace the new luxury of the season by adding rustic fur details.

Raccoon/rabbit-fur wrap, $495, Martine et Bonal.

Silver-coated silk vest, Jean Paul Gaultier.

Wool turtleneck, $220, Ohdd.

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Discover a new fashion frontier with knits that play with proportion.

Wool wrap, and wool bodysuit, approx. $378, D&G.

hose, H&M; boots, D&G.

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