Nordstom's Olivia Kim On Her Most-Hated Fashion Trend

Nordstom's arbitor of cool, Olivia Kim, shares her most hated fashion trend, her thoughts on Jacques Cousteau and what's wrong with perfectionism

Olivia Kim - Nordstrom - 1American retailer Nordstrom opened doors in Calgary on Friday, which means a) Calgarians are basking in the glow of a weekend spent shopping, and b) the rest of Canada is like so jealous right now. The only consolation: we can still shop Nordstrom virtually, thank goodness.

Our latest online obsession is Nordstrom’s Pop-In Shop of cool style finds curated by director of creative projects (and former Opening Ceremony buyer) Olivia Kim, who recently took the time to tackle our FLARE Questionnaire (in the most adorable way yet!). Read on to discover her most hated trend, her thoughts on Jacques Cousteau and what’s wrong with perfectionism. And check out Kim’s four fall must-haves.

Who do you admire most and why? Jacques Cousteau. He was an adventurer, deep sea diver, a scientist, a conservationist, a teacher and he always had really great style. He always was wearing this red beanie. And I’m a huge marine biology person.

How would you describe your default mood? Happy-go-lucky.

What’s the one food you absolutely refuse to eat? I’m a picky eater so there’s actually less that I like to eat than I don’t, but I would say cilantro is definitely up there.

When you look at your high school yearbook photos, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Eyebrows!

How would you fritter away a lazy Sunday? Coffee, cactuses—I love buying cactuses—getting a car wash and just catching up in general.

What quality or talent do you envy in others? The ability to say no. I love to be super collaborative so I tend to say yes to everything and then I can’t always focus totally on one of those things. So maybe I’m a little bit of an over-accepter-achiever if that makes sense?

If you had to change jobs tomorrow, what would you do? I’d be a surfer.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned this past year? Driving in the Pacific Northwest is very different than driving in New York. Oh my gosh, they are bad drivers! In New York everyone’s aggressive and cutting you off all the time but it somehow works. But here, it’s much more relaxed so sometimes I feel like, “you’re driving 40 miles an hour in the left lane!”

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? I use this Korean phrase called “aigoo,” which is sort of like “oy vey.” I say it all the time and now all my friends say it. Even my assistant says it!

What is your greatest extravagance? My dog Secret Spy!

Salty or sweet? Salty.

Cat or dog? Dog.

What part of your day do you dread the most? The meetings about meetings. Ugh.

Fashion trend you wish would disappear? Gluten-free! Everybody just needs to stop. It’s super trendy.

What do you consider to be most sacred in life? Loyalty.

Which film speaks most to your sense of humour? That’s a no-brainer: National Lampoon’s European Vacation. It’s so hilarious!

What words do you live by? Progress over perfection. I’m a big believer in progress, and progress for me doesn’t mean something always has to be 100 percent perfect. I think if you can get to close to 80 percent and put it out there, part of progress is letting yourself be vulnerable and getting comments and feedback and then trying better the next time. It doesn’t always have to be absolutely what you think it’s going to be.