Nicola Formichetti To Launch New Line

Gaga's stylist launches new high tech line

Nicola Formichetti Visits The Room

Photo by Jason Hudson for The Room at The Bay

“This year I wanted to focus on my own dream,” shared Nicola Formichetti to WWD, best known for his work with Lady Gaga and Mugler, who has just announced that he’s in the midst of developing a high-tech line (that will break the mold of fashion!) in 2013.

Gadgets and gizmos are expected to adorn Formichetti’s new collection, titled Formichetti, all in an effort to step forward with fashion and go for something far less conventional. As the creative director of Mugler and lead designer of Nicopanda, a commercial collection of comical pieces inspired by Formichetti’s persona–it seems like the creative mind isn’t ready to take a break.

From his most recent interview held at Lane Crawford in Beijing, it sounds like Formichetti is on a mission to step outside of Mother Monster’s shadows and into the spotlight: “Being a stylist, you always hide behind a brand, but because of Gaga and Mugler, I needed to come out onto the scene. I had to embrace it.” We’ll see if the wide-eyed designer makes his mark in 2013.

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