Fashion Week

Seen & Heard at New York Fashion Week: Top 7 Highlights

Our assistant fashion editor Jillian Vieira shares the best front-row fixture, want-to-wear collection, styling trick and more from New York Fashion Week

Best Front-Row Fixture
Guys, I’m here to tell you that Bill Cunningham is as adorable and endearing as he’s portrayed in the 2010 doc about his street-snapping career. His true excitement for the new season and the parade of outfits outside shows was contagious.

Donna Karan show, Autumn Winter 2015, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York, America - 16 Feb 2015

New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham (Photo: MediaPunch/REX USA )

Best Overheard Moment
Wes Gordon show manager into headset: “Guys, we need to start the show, or Anna’s going to leave.” #priorities

Best Spunky Soundtrack
It was 11 a.m., about halfway through the New York Fashion Week schedule, and we were all desperate for a pick-me-up. Tommy Hilfiger came to the rescue with “Bootylicious,” “Work It” and “Crazy in Love” blaring through the loudspeakers at his football-themed show. I was positively bopping around the rest of the day.

Best Finale
The mic-drop moment of New York Fashion Week? When Naomi Campbell glided down the runway as the final walker in Zac Posen’s show. All you need to know is her hair is as shiny as a unicorn’s mane.

Best Want-to-Wear-Right-Now Collection
Michael Kors killed it this season. We’ve come to expect the camel coats and the ladylike tailoring, but this fall, we were given British boy jackets, sumptuous furs and luxed-up pajama separates. I was lusting after pretty much every single look.

Best Styling Trick
Super into the Royal Tanenbaums–esque showing at Lacoste. Even more into the impractical but totally cool sleeve-as-decoration styling trick. Won’t be cutting holes under the armpits of my coats any time soon though. We’ll leave it to the professionals.


Lacoste AW15 (Photo: Anthea Simms)

Best Butter-Us-Up Snack
When you show in the 9 p.m. time slot after editors have been slogging around for the past 12 hours, a little treat is always a welcome favour. Guests of the Rag & Bone show were offered cups of beer and little packs of nuts as they crammed into the show at Spring Studios, and this girl couldn’t have been more thankful.