Piercer to the Stars Maria Tash on the Biggest Ear Trends Now

ICYMI, all the cool girls have a million ear piercings. If you're not sure where to start, Maria Tash filled us in on the best new piercing trends

When she was 14, Maria Tash was dragged by her mom to the mall to get her very first piercing, and she was scared to death. Cut to today, and she’s the piercing queen of New York, designing the prettiest, daintiest jewellery and adorning the lobes of celebs like Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé, nbd.

Tash spends her days travelling between London and New York, mapping out piercings for her roster of celeb clients (you can actually see where all their piercings are and what jewellery they chose on her website), and overseeing her three piercing and tattoo spas.

We turned to her to get the deets on what’s trending in ear jewellery right now, with some kinda gross details from the ’90s along the way.

The high lobe

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“The high first lobe is really nice,” Tash says. “That’s where you pierce parallel to the traditional piercing that may have grown down. It makes your first piercing look very deliberate even if it has stretched.” This is the perfect second piercing to get, because while some piercings don’t suit all ear shapes, this one works on most people. And it’ll heal quickly and easily.

Spacing and asymmetry

“People tend to favour the spot between the lobe and the cartilage right above it. You can do your second and third [piercings] very close together in this zone so it looks like you deliberately went further away and didn’t bunch them together,” Tash explained. “That asymmetry has really taken over. It’s not about matching hoops anymore, it really is like each piercing is like a separate vehicle to adorn.” So if you feel like wearing one shoulder-grazer in your left ear, but a simple stud in your right, go for it.


Tash loves turquoise, and she thinks it’s perfect for summer, but she’s changing it up a little this year. “I’ve been laser-drilling diamonds. We drill through the top and make them into suspended charms,” says Tash. “I found a place that will colour diamonds of any shape.” Tash loves creating pieces in bright colours and configurations that you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the market.

And of course, the nipple

“In the ’90s, people were doing a lot of experimentation,” she says, after telling us about some intense genital piercings she’s done in the past. “But now, it’s more fancy ear work, and nipples thanks to Kendall Jenner.” Piercings can’t even escape the influence of the Kardashian clan.

PS: If you want to pick up one of Tash’s pieces, or get pierced by her team, her pop-up shop is open at the Hudson’s Bay on Granville St. in Vancouver until July 2.

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