Morning Coffee with Young Design Star Sid Neigum

One-on-one with a few of our favourite designers set to show at Toronto Fashion Week. Over a cup of coffee, Emily Ramshaw, Assistant Fashion News Editor, will find out what we can expect from their Fall 2013 collections, why they love working in the Canadian fashion industry, and the unique influences in each of their designs. Check back daily!

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Emily Ramshaw with designer Sid Neigum

Emily Ramshaw with designer Sid Neigum

Video Schedule 
Monday, March 18: Kimberley Newport-Mimran, President and Head Designer of Pink Tartan
Tuesday, March 19: Sid Neigum
Wednesday, March 20: Joe Mimran, Creative Director of Joe Fresh
Thursday, March 21: Sunny Fong, Creative Director of Vawk
Friday, March 22: An inside look at Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2013

The Transcript
Emily Ramshaw: Can you give us a little verbal preview about what we can expect from fall?
Sign Neigum: The inspiration behind this collection was mostly inspired by my childhood. So there’s lots of 80’s and 90’s inspiration, you’ll see that in the silhouettes. My grandma used to make a lot of clothing for my sister and she would dress my sister in head to toe floral, like dress, leggings, headband, everything. I wanted to use that as a starting point and I actually used floral for the first time in my life and quite a lot of prints actually.

ER: You won the TFI New Labels competition almost a year ago, now that you have some distance, how has that changed your brand or your business?
SN: A lot actually, I’ve been working out of TFI so I have that studio space to work out of , which is great. It’s huge and has so many machines and that’s where my staff come into work everyday. Not only that, I have Susan Langdon as a business mentor so I meet with her a couple times a month and we discuss strategy, I’ve never had that before. And I’ve got the money part of the prize which has helped a lot, it helped me make another collection, and do production for another collection.

ER: Now that you’re more established as a designer, do you have any advice for those starting out?
SN: I’d say enter as many competitions as possible. It’s one of the only ways to kind of get ahead because it is financially draining. Enter as many competitions as possible and watch sales.

ER: For people who wouldn’t necessarily know your brand, what would you say your signature is?
SN: It’s pretty minimal, I think it’s a collection for people who like to collect clothing, fashion hobbyists. I like to use a lot of leather and lot of high tech fabrics, I let the fabrics speak for themselves.

ER: I know you took science in university, do you think there’s a science to your designs?
SN: Ya for sure, in a few collections I’ve used some of the science. I used some things like Fibonacci sequence and golden ratios and using that with the proportions of the garments.

ER: Do you have any big plans coming up, I know you’re traveling?
SN: Ya I leave for Korea on Monday. I’m doing a fabric show there in Daegu, I’m going to spend 4 nights there. David Dixon will be there as well, he’s the other Canadian that’s going. Then I’m going to spend a few nights in Seoul, with a showroom that I’m working there. They’re going to have my collection, show it to Asian retailers, the Asian market is really big right now. Then I’m going to visit a store that I sell to there in Seoul. After that I’m going to do Shanghai, and I’m going to do coterie. I’ll be there about 5 or 6 nights and back just in time for the show.