Morning Coffee with Pink Tartan's Kimberley Newport-Mimran

One-on-one with a few of our favourite designers set to show at Toronto Fashion Week. Over a cup of coffee, Emily Ramshaw, Assistant Fashion News Editor, will find out what we can expect from their Fall 2013 collections, why they love working in the Canadian fashion industry, and the unique influences in each of their designs. Check back daily!

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Emily Ramshaw with designer Kimberly Newport-Mimran of Pink Tartan

Emily Ramshaw with designer Kimberly Newport-Mimran of Pink Tartan

Video Schedule 
Monday, March 18: Kimberley Newport-Mimran, President and Head Designer of Pink Tartan
Tuesday, March 19: Sid Neigum
Wednesday, March 20: Joe Mimran, Creative Director of Joe Fresh
Thursday, March 21: Sunny Fong, Creative Director of Vawk
Friday, March 22: An inside look at Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2013

The Transcript
Emily Ramshaw: I want to get a preview of your collection that you’re showing today.
Kimberley Newport-Mimran: Every season I take a muse and I really build my collection around that woman and I envision her and I dress her. I love Constance Langdon and kind of mixed with Marnie Edgar. Constance Langdon is from American Horror Story, Jessica Lange plays her. It’s off but it’s great. I just love that in the whole character that there’s something so sophisticated and something so pulled together but there’s an underlying darkness that you can put your finger on.

ER: But is there one Pink Tartan woman that runs through?
KNM: I think I really embody what Pink Tartan stands for. It’s a working woman, maybe a mother, but really loves fashion and I really try to dress that girl who really wants a fashion forward outfit but still work appropriate.

ER: I think of Pink Tartan as being really connected to you as a personality, but why did you decide to label your line Pink Tartan?
KNM: My entire career I worked in menswear, so I was trained in menswear. I thought I would do a men’s line, so Joe and I had spoken about Tartan as an idea, as an affordable luxury. So we coined a name before it was even a brand. I went on maternity leave, I had a little baby girl and pink was my favourite colour. So when Jaqueline turned one, I decided that I was going to go back to work and I decided to do a woman’s line, so I called it Pink Tartan.

ER: Do you show Joe your collection before anyone else?
KNM: Joe is a fantastic partner and he’s truly super busy with his world but he’s been a great mentor to me especially on the business and creative side. He’s experienced it a bit before me and what I love is that I take him through the collection when it’s finished. He doesn’t see the show but he does do a walk through to make sure the merchandising is spot on.

ER: I know you guys are very involved in the art world as well, do you think there’s a connection between art and fashion?
KNM: Absolutely, and I think food goes into that triangle too. I think just experiencing life, the art world has a big influence on our world and fashion has a big influence on our world. I think to be lucky enough to be experience both on a wonderful level, it really adds to the creative part of what we do.

ER: For people who want to break into the industry of as a designer, do you have any advice?
KNM: The most important thing is to really learn the technical aspect of it. I think designers when they first come to you get very caught up in the creativity of it. It is important to be as technically savvy as you are creatively savvy to pull together an amazing garment.

ER: Are you inspired by the fabrics and technology itself?
KNM: Absolutely, that’s how I start every collection. I do a big research trip, and I look at all the European fabrics and I pull my fabrics, then I work on my silhouettes and then I start to finalize the design of the concept.

ER: Do you think it’s really important for fashion brands or designers to have a fashion show?
KNM: I think it’s important for a designer to show their perspective on the collection and I think that’s what drives a lot of editorial which hopefully drives business. At the end of the day we are a business and I think exposure does help.

Shop the label’s Spring 2013 collection online at Pink Tartan‘s newly launched e-store. Plus, follow Kimberley as she travels the world and shares her favourite moments and inspirations on her new blog.

Pink Tartan Spring 2013; Photo Courtesy of Pink Tartan

Pink Tartan Spring 2013; Photo Courtesy of Pink Tartan