Celebs Respond to Melania Trump's "I Don't Care" Jacket

The insensitive-to-the-max lewk had Busy Philipps, Mira Sorvino and more crafting responses

We wish this was a joke, but it’s not. The wife of the President of the United States really *did* just wear a jacket that says “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?” on an official visit to see migrant children who have been separated from their parents.

Melania Trump was spotted wearing the jacket while boarding Air Force One for a surprise visit to the Texas-Mexico border on June 21, although by the time she’d landed, there’d been a costume change into another jacket—one not scrawled in a slogan that is at best eye-wateringly offensive and thoughtless, and at its most sinister, is a frighteningly cold political gesture.

But fear not, says Melania’s spokesperson. When asked about the First Lady’s bizarre choice—which occurs against the backdrop of a global outcry against the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that separates migrant children from their parents—Stephanie Grisham told CNN: “It’s just a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today’s important visit to Texas, I hope the media isn’t going to focus on her wardrobe.”

Which, I mean… REALLY? It’s astonishing that, if we’re giving people the benefit of the doubt here, no one happened to mention to Melania that the jacket she’d grabbed that morning (maybe she just wanted something casual and pulled it from her vast wardrobe as she ran out the door without thinking?!) had writing on the back that was pretty much the worst possible thing a jacket could ever have had written on it in these specific circumstances.

Melania’s other spokesperson, Donald J. Trump, offered some alternative facts on the jacket later in the day.

So…not “just a jacket” then? It’s also—offensive slogans or subliminal messages to the press aside—a strange choice for Melania Trump in general. It’s… odd timing for the Dolce and Gabbana-, Valentino- and other high-end label-loving former model to suddenly show her love for a cheeky Zara buy. And LAST SEASON Zara at that. You couldn’t even buy this $39 USD jacket if you wanted to anymore, although you may have seen it on a few fashion bloggers a while back.

Those fashion bloggers, it should be noted, were not on their way to a highly-sensitive visit in an official capacity as a representative of the White House.

Now, celebrities are responding to Melania’s tone-deaf-at-best fashion choice with their own DIY jackets to show that they really *do* care—and that Melania probably should too.

Busy Philipps was among the first celebs to respond after the message on Melania’s jacket was revealed—heading straight to the craft cupboard to make a statement of her own. Philipps Instagrammed a picture of her DIY shirt reading “I care. Do u?” in stick-on yellow letters. “I made a shirt! Because I do care deeply,” she said. “I hope you do, too.”

Author Elise Hooper also decided to get crafty with her own take on the “I don’t care” jacket— taping the words “Yes I care” onto the back of an army-green jacket. “Because sometimes the only response is a crafty one,” she captioned the photo. We couldn’t agree more.

Jenna Ortega—best known for playing young Jane Rodriguez on CW’s Jane the Virgin—debuted a hard to miss white-and-gold jacket reading “I do care and u should too” at the Radio Disney Music Awards. And just in case her message wasn’t clear, she addressed an Instagram pic of her in the jacket directly to Melania, with the caption “dear @flotus.” Yes, little Jane!

Jenna Ortega wearing white and gold jacket reading "I do care and u should too" at Radio Disney Music Awards red carpet

Photo: Getty

Taking inspiration from these looks, Mira Sorvino jumped on the DIY “I do care” trend at a rally for migrant kids on Sunday. The actor and activist can be spotted in friend Lena Dunham’s Instagram story sporting a masking tape statement jacket summing up what literally *everyone* is thinking.

Mira Sorvino wearing an army green jacket with "We Care" written on the back in masking tape

Photo: @LenaDunham

So yeah, Melania, we do really care about the trauma being inflicted on innocent children to advance a political agenda. And we sure hope you *actually* do, too.

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