Meet the Vancouver Woman Behind the Go-To Meghan Markle Style Blog

The creator of the blog weighs in on Meghan Markle's style, her love of great shoes and what the bride might wear on the big day

Meghan Markle wears a white dress and blazer

(Photo: Getty Images)

“I’m in the middle of a shoe identification. Can I call you back in five minutes?”

This seems like the story of Amanda Dishaw’s life for the past two years. Every time Meghan Markle is photographed, she and her partner Christine Ross and their team at Meghan’s Mirror race to identify every single thing the former actor wears. Today, the day before the big day, she’s publishing a story on a navy Roland Mouret dress and grey suede Manolo Blanhik pumps while we talk on the phone.

“I realize I sound like a stalker, but this is my job,” she tells me, while explaining how she breaks down all of Markle’s outfits for her followers. She and her team of 15 closely examine pap photos of the bride-to-be and rack their fashion brains, gut-checking their theories with their followers, who weigh in with suggestions, as well as press releases straight from Kensington Palace. Their research is thorough. And because of that, Meghan’s Mirror has become a go-to source for anyone who needs all the deets on Markle’s wardrobe.

“She has very relatable, down-to-Earth style,” says Dishaw. “Because she’s never going to be married to the King of England, she’s under a little less pressure than Kate. So we’re thinking she could eclipse Kate if she keeps wearing things that the average person can afford.”

Kate’s style is not outside of Dishaw’s wheelhouse, either. Her other blogging venture is called What Would Kate Do, and it follows essentially the same formula as Meghan’s Mirror—it tells you, top-to-toe, what Kate wears in any given photo. Dishaw started the Markle iteration before she and Harry were official, but interest in the blog peaked the day their engagement was announced.

Now, Meghan’s Mirror gets about a million visitors every month, and we bet that will spike come the biggest royal event of the year (sorry, Louis) when Markle walks down the aisle. Her bridal gown is already her most talked-about outfit yet, and despite rumours swirling, no one, not even Dishaw, knows exactly what she’ll turn up in.

“The only thing I can say with certainty is that it will be a mix of Meghan Markle and HRH Meghan Markle,” says Dishaw. “She likes simple, bias-cut dresses, but when you’re getting married in St. Geroge’s Chapel there’s a requirement to wear a train, you can’t see the outline of her boobs, and there has to be a traditional element to it.”

Dishaw also bets the ceremony dress will be off-white, there will be lots of intricate needlework, and the biggest thing of all: it will be made by a British designer. Her money is on Ralph & Russo, but her dark horse pick is Antonio Berardi, who designed the dress Markle was wearing the first time she kissed Prince Harry in public. For the evening dress (duh, she’s not going to wear the same thing all day), Dishaw speculates that it’ll be a lot more aligned with Markle’s everyday style, particularly in the accessories department. “Whether or not the dress is entirely white, or it’s something shorter, there will be an amazing pair of shoes under there.”

Even though Dishaw devotes her days to documenting Markle’s style, the excitement for tomorrow in her voice was easy to hear. “It’s kind of like the culmination of a fairytale, and everyone loves a good fairytale.”


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