Meghan Markle's Fave Shoe Designer Is Expanding in Canada!

Sarah Flint—a shoe designer getting major love from tons of stylish celebs, like Meghan Markle—tells us about her inspiration and going big in the Canadian market

Meghan Markle sporting Sarah Flint's Camilla shoe

New York designer Sarah Flint is no stranger to celebrities wearing her shoes. A-listers like Amal Clooney, Emma Stone and Blake Lively are big fans of the brand. But actor and latest love of one Prince Harry (nbd), Meghan Markle is probably her biggest fan, posting lots of Instagram shots of her outfits finished off with a cute pair of shoes designed by Flint. We chatted with the young designer, who just started her line in 2013, about her ever-expanding celebrity following and a particular princess she hopes Markle can influence.

How did you find out Markle was a fan of your shoes? She started posting pictures on Instagram, and she tagged me in them. What I really appreciate about Meghan wearing the shoes is that she always does tag the brand, and she’ll send me a photograph ahead of time. It’s really nice because she knows my brand is young and she wants to support me. She could easily go buy some of the bigger brands, but it’s nice that she cares about supporting a younger brand.

Which shoe is your favourite on her? The Grear, definitely, which is one of our best-selling shoes. I think I’ve seen maybe four or so photos of her out in it. She also has this little flat called the Natalie she wears a lot. Those are my two favourites that she’s worn. But  she’s also worn a boot of ours called the Sophia, this great sandal that we did called the Anne, a flat called Lily, and also our Nancy flat.

Has she ever styled them in a particular way that surprised you? She always looks so fresh and modern, which I really like. Her styling of the shoes is also retro in a way. She travels a lot, so seeing how she wears them in different places with different looks is always really fun.

Has she inspired any of your shoe designs? Not yet, but there will be a pair for spring/summer ’18 called the Meghan. The names of my shoes usually come from clients. We have a Blake, because Blake Lively is a big fan of the brand. We started with old Hollywood actresses but we ran out of those pretty quickly.

Is the Emma shoe Emma Stone wore in her Vogue 73 Questions video named after her? It’s actually named after my best friend, Emma. It’s Amal Clooney’s favourite shoe, and all the buyers keep coming in and asking for the Amal shoe, and they’re like, “Oh you should just change the name to Amal!” and my friend is so not happy about that.

When did you first see a celebrity wearing a pair of your shoes? It was Heidi Klum, and it was my first season. She wore my Crawford bootie at the airport, which I loved because I want to create shoes that are for women’s real lives. So the fact that she was wearing it through the airport instead of on the red carpet was really exciting for me. The way she styled them was amazing, too, with a skinny leather pant and an oversized coat. At that point, we weren’t in Barneys yet. We were just in small boutiques and online, so it was pretty thrilling.

Is there a particular celebrity who you would love to see wearing your shoes? I would love to see Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama or Emma Watson in the shoes. But Meghan and Amal are pretty great. Of course, we’ve had Emma Stone and Jessica Alba and Blake Lively and a bunch of other stylish women.

Do you have any plans to expand your Canadian retail beyond The September? Definitely. We’re in talks with some of the bigger retailers there. But The September has been really supportive and great to launch with and we’ve done a pretty nice business with them. So we’re very grateful to them for introducing us to the Canadian market.

What’s next for you? I’m heading to Morocco as a sort of inspiration trip, so you’ll definitely see a Moroccan-inspired collection soon. And then I’m heading to Italy for production, then traveling around a lot to our different retailers and doing appearances and meeting with my customers, which is always super fun and rewarding.

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