Meet The People Already Lined Up For Balmain x H&M

Since the inaugural H&M collab in 2004 with Karl Lagerfeld, people have been clamouring for a cheaper piece of the designer pie. Lines have formed more than 24 hours prior to the collections dropping, but tomorrow’s Balmain collabo might be setting a new record. If you walked by the H&M on Bloor Street West in Toronto this morning, eager customers were already camped out (some since last night), determined to be the first ones to get their hands on the more affordable versions of Olivier Rousteing’s wares. We visited the committed shoppers in the line to find out what they’re going to buy, how they’re coping with the wait and what lies (shhh) they told to be there.

balmain x H&M canada

The line outside the H&M on Bloor St. West in Toronto (some people were ticked off that others “held their spot” with just a chair!)

“I saw a pair of leather joggers that I liked, and a mid-length peacoat, so those are probably my top two. I like that this collection is unique and different from the actual Balmain stuff.” Rupert

“I am going to get the jumpsuit and a couple of t-shirts. There’s this one shirt that’s Japanese-inspired that I really want. I like that you can re-sell it for a higher value.” Kyle

“I want the t-shirts and jackets, no pants caught my eye though. Compared to the actual Balmain line I didn’t see anything I liked that compared enough to it. My friends wanted to check it out, so I decided to join.” Chris

I am just going to buy whatever I see, but I am for sure getting the beaded velvet jacket. FLARE is where I saw the prices.” Karen

“I am going to buy a couple of shirts and some stuff for my family. I want the t-shirt that says Balmain on the front. Balmain is expensive, so being able to get it from H&M for cheaper is great.” Sheldon

“My car’s around the corner so I go there every two hours for a break. I’m going to buy the black velvet jacket. The work and the detail in the collection is amazing.” Christian

“I want the white blazer and the silk pants. We got here yesterday night and have been out here all night. It was cold, happy it’s warmer now. We can’t risk leaving our spots.”Oksana

“I love the attention to the detail, and the little things like the lion behind the cuffs on the jackets. We both called in sick to wait in line. Don’t tell our bosses though!” names not given (for obvious reasons)

—interviews by Bradie Butler

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