Marie Saint Pierre Renews Reitmans Collaboration For Spring

We chat with the Montreal designer on her final capsule collection of dresses, on sale today

Today, Marie Saint Pierre’s second (and final) capsule collection arrives in select Reitmans stores and online. The Montreal designer took time to chat with us about the minimalist, swishy frocks that make up this easy offering. Priced at $120 and under (and just the thing for the bevy of spring weddings, gatherings and gallivants filling our calendars) the designer’s loyalists are sure to make a clean sweep of stores. How do you say, “run, don’t walk” in French again?

Why did you decide to collaborate again with Reitmans?
“We had an agreement at the beginning that this was going to be a two season deal. The first [collection’s] dresses were more the functional, timeless pieces that you can wear in so many different ways. The second collection is about feminine, colorful pieces that you don’t need to buy, but you want.”

How do you achieve comparable quality and style to your signature collection?
“It’s about the inside construction like built in bras. The dress doesn’t feel like it’s going to go anywhere, it’s going to hug your body. It’s through little technical details that you achieve comfort and form.”

These dresses have special-occasion versatility. What is a modern way to approach dressing up?
“Sometimes it’s to try not to do what is expected. For me, somebody who is very stylish would wear flat shoes with a long dress, maybe less accessories and very light make up. It’s all in the ability to not over do it or be overly matching.”

What is your favorite piece in the collection?
“The blush-tone dress in mesh or in jersey – there’s a lot of movement. The other one I really like is the flower printed black style. I like that the dress itself is very simple and asymmetric.”

Karl Lagerfeld has said he is attracted to collaborations because he likes the idea of knocking himself off instead of watching others copy his ideas. Do you feel similarly?
“That’s exactly what I think. Who wants to buy a knock off of a design when you can buy the designer? I think the consumer is prouder to buy the real thing. And it’s been done before – this exists for so long! Pierre Cardin did it in the ‘60s.”