Margiela Hires Galliano, Is Clearly Over “Secret” Designers

Don't call it a comeback. (But seriously, it's totally a comeback)

Photo by Anthea Simms

Photo by Anthea Simms

John Galliano, former artistic director and chief fashion pirate at Dior (and subsequent industry exile following his drunken anti-semetic outbursts in 2011) has just been named creative director at Maison Martin Margiela. Talk about a game changer.

This means Maison Martin Margiela is officially over the whole anonymous designer thing now. The shift follows on the outting of secret head designer Matthieu Blazy by Suzy Menkes earlier this summer. At the time, the company response was: “As long standing policy,  Maison Martin Margiela does not communicate on any one individual, and our work is done as a collective whole.” But fashion moves quickly and that policy is like soooo three months ago.

Known for his flamboyant, romantic clothes, Galliano’s first designs for the dark and broody MMM will hit the runway in January during Paris Couture Week. The surprising match seems unlikely at first, but the more we think about it, the more it kind of works. Both Galliano and Margiela exist on a theatrical, innovative and otherworldly plane and we (along with, apparently, Kanye West) can’t wait to see what fashion’s most flamboyant figure will dream up come January. Bring on the white lab coat!