Marc Jacobs Strips As Diet Coke's New Creative Director

Marc Jacobs kicks off his new role as the creative director for Diet Coke by stripping to his kilt in Marc Jacobs Photo Break

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of Diet Coke

Jean Paul Gaultier has passed the torch—the diet coke bottle to be more accurate—onto Marc Jacobs. To celebrate Diet Coke’s 30th anniversary, the iconic brand has chosen the American designer to be this year’s creative director. Despite working on his own labels and Louis Vuitton, the industrious designer will add designing limited edition bottles and cans to his to-do list.

The collaboration will feature three limited-edition cans, bottles and ads reflecting recent decades in fashion. He mentioned he’s tinkered with the classic logo to add some whimsical touches inspired by female empowerment and some of his signature prints. Can we expect polka dots and daisies? Either way, we know the new designs will be refreshingly playful. He also hinted that fashion illustrations and prints may be in his design plans, but we’ll just have to wait until later this month to see what Jacobs means by “colourful and fun.”

In the meantime, watch the sexy tattooed designer, wearing nothing but his signature kilt, strip down in Marc Jacobs Photo Break, as he reenacts his take on the ’90s Diet Coke ads. The girls in the short video seem overwhelmed with his sex appeal, and we can’t blame them.

Marc Jacobs Diet Coke

Photo Courtesy of Diet Coke