Marc Jacobs Pop-Up Shop Wants Tweets, Not Money

Are you ready for Marc Jacobs' social tweet shop? We are!

marc jacobs1

Photo courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has already made the upcoming New York Fashion Week sound super exciting, and it hasn’t even started yet. It is confirmed that the coveted designer is launching a seriously unique pop-up shop, called “Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop,” which will be selling its wares for (drum roll, please!) zero dollars! Instead of money, the shop will accept social currency—a tweet, Instagram or Facebook post tagged #MJDaisyChain—to buy fragrances and small accessories and the most creative posts will be entered to win larger-ticket fashion items throughout the day.

The social shop will be open between February 7-9, in New York, running concurrently with the new ad campaign for the MJ’s most popular fragrance, Daisy. There’s also rumours that the pop-up will include a lounge for lounging (no joke), nail art area, photobooth and free Wi-Fi. Jacobs lovers around the globe can also participate without splurging on a ticket to New York—though the prospect is tempting—by tagging #MJDaisyChain.

Jacobs loves to go above and beyond when it comes his fragrances, and runway shows for that matter—having teamed up with Google Maps when his fragrance Honey launched last year, so the uniqueness of this year’s pop-up is totally awesome but not necessarily surprising.

Jacobs has also dubbed January 28th as Daisy Day to celebrate the popular scent. Teams of street marketers in New York, Berlin and London will be handing out daisies to lucky people passing by.

Happy Daisy Day!