People Are Now Using Ikea Bags to Make Thongs and Hats

The Frakta bag is officially having a fashion moment

After Balenciaga created its homage to the utilitarian Ikea bag with the Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote last month, and a few other notable brands added their upscale versions to the mix, the floodgates (automatic sliding doors?) haves opened and the creative community is going to town reimagining how the blue plastic bag can be fashioned into other accessories and apparel.

Among the most unlikely—and we’re going to guess extremely uncomfortable—creations is a bright blue and yellow thong, because who could stand to walk around with that kind of starched material around their delicate bits? High-top sneakers, a strappy bustier, face mask, fanny pack and pullover (complete with plastic hood) have also incorporated the iconic dual colours, and in some cases, even the raw material itself, as Instagram has positively exploded with #Ikea and #Frakta hashtags producing a bounty of plastic confections.

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Streetwear labels Pleasures and Chinatown Market joined forces and have found, dare we say, the most wearable incarnation of the Ikea bag with a baseball cap that we can see a confident sporty type legit pulling off.

Of course Ikea is having a blast with its out-of-nowhere 15 minutes of fashion stardom, enlisting Swedish ad agency Acne Collective to create a tongue-in-cheek campaign that outlines how to identify the OG version. They’ve also released a statement after the Balenciaga bag went to market, claiming to be “deeply flattered” by the resemblance and confirming, “Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag!”

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