Liz Cabral’s Twitter Report: Day 5 at Paris Fashion Week

What our Fashion Director saw and heard at the shows in Paris

TwitPics from Paris TwitPics from Paris TwitPics from Paris TwitPics from Paris

1.  9-5’er’s looking for slick additions to your wardrobe, look no further than Akris. Streamlined silhouettes in eye catching colour palette.

Leather capes, luxe knits and nomadic prints at Hermes. #PFW

Luxe embellishments and fur trim with Victorian references at Andrew Gn. #PFW

4.  Eccentric aristocratic looks at John Galliano. Country side tweeds and equestrian silhouettes. Ruffles and texture via mohairs and velvets.

5.  Magnolia cupcakes on every seat at Kenzo. How did they know that was what we needed? #PFW

6.  Crazy remix of 9-5 on soundtrack at Kenzo.#PFW

Capped crusaders at Kenzo. And yes, I meant capped not caped.#PFW

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