Liz Cabral's NYFW Street Style Moments

A mini photo album of Cabral's fashion snaps at NYFW

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Photo by Anthea Simms

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“Can I take your picture?” is the usual question fashion editors get asked while waiting outside the shows. With the rise of street style photographers gathering in the fashion capitals to snap their favourite style star, it comes as no surprise that our very own Liz Cabral, FLARE‘s Fashion Director, got shot while wearing a few of her most coveted (and statement making!) pieces.

Here’s a quick look back at Liz Cabral’s best street style snaps from NYFW. Plus, Cabral shares her thoughts on how to dress for fashion week and how her style has changed with the rise of street style photography:

Liz Cabral’s NYFW Street Style Rundown, Photo by Tommy Ton, Photo by Imaxtree, Photo by Phil Oh, Photo by Mark Iantosca
Streetfsn, Photo by Nam

What are the fashion rules when dressing to see a show?
“I’m always trying to be very practical but fashionable at the same time, which can prove to be difficult when you’re running around the city. I always keep a pair of flats in my bag, but I always show up in heels. I will not show up looking schleppy. And these days with the phenomenon of street style, you never know when you’re going to be photographed, so why not look your best. I find that they [street style photographers] really love colour and pattern, and anything over the top. So that stereotype that fashion editors wear all black or are very minimal and serious has changed. You can still wear that but it’s not something you’ll be photographed in.”

Has the rising interest in street style photography influenced the way you dress?
“I don’t think it dictates my style, but it certainly makes me think twice in the morning when I’m getting dressed. There are days when I want to put on a really simple all black outfit but you have to step it up a little bit, one way or another.”

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