Liz Cabral’s New York Fashion Week Survival Guide

Editor hot spots, fashion essentials and insider tips from our Fashion Director

New York Fashion Week Secrets

Photo by Adam Moco

With only days away till New York Fashion Week, we chatted with Liz Cabral, FLARE Fashion Director, about her tips on staying sane and in style during the jam packed days ahead. Here are her fashion week secrets:

Morning kick
: “I always stay in Chelsea so I run over to Chelsea Market in the morning and get myself this really amazing smoothie from a food stall. I don’t remember what the name is but it’s a goji berry smoothie and I feel like that gives me the energy to get around. The worst thing I could do is eat a lot of carbs and junk first thing in the morning, because you really do need your energy–it’s like a marathon.”

Must-shop spot: “During fashion week? I don’t shop. There’s zero time. If I do shop during fashion week I don’t have time to go to the little obscure places, I literally hit Barneys or Bergdorf’s the evening before my flight on the last day and I see if there’s something I totally want.”

Rest and recharge: “I barely have time to eat and I’m lucky if I get eight hours of sleep, so recharging for me is literally going to my hotel room and maybe watching a bit of bad reality television and trying to get as much sleep as possible. I do like to squeeze in a civilized dinner whenever I can with my close friends in New York.”

Drinks after dark: “I usually stick around my hotel so I’ll venture into the West Village if I’m feeling energized. I love little places like Mary’s Fish Camp because they don’t take reservations and they have an amazing lobster roll and they’re open late. Pastis is always nice. It’s a bit of a tourist trap now but it’s always a good place to go get a steak and frites late at night.”

BFF (Best fashion friends): “We always have a Canadian contingency dinner so we’ll gather all the Canadians together and go out for dinner. Jeremy Laing and I both have our birthdays during fashion week so there’s bound to be a celebration somewhere in there. Tommy Ton has the same crazy infatuation with food as I do so we always try to hit at least two places together where it’s literally all about eating. Which you would think is so not fashion but it is.”

Beauty bag essential
: “I would have to say, my face wash. I’m really low maintenance, almost no maintenance, so Cetaphil face wash is my usual go-to. It’s embarrassingly simple.”

Fashion repeat: “I have lots of pieces that I repeat. All of my Chanel pieces I’ve had for maybe nine or ten years. They never fail me. I always wear them. I have a really great sharp black blazer from Chanel that comes with me every season. And I’ll be carting around my little Céline bag. It’s almost too little for fashion week but it really forces me to streamline what I’m carrying around.”  

Designer favourite
: “Well Marc Jacobs of course. What I love about New York is that there’s a really good combination of very young fledgling brands. It’s a great opportunity to see a lot of labels that are just getting started. But then there are the heavy hitters like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren which are always favourite shows of mine. And I love going to Donna Karan just for the vibe. Donna Karan is so zen in her own life and you feel that when you go to see her show.”

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