Lisa Tant's Twitter Report: Day 4 of Milan Fashion Week

What our Editor-in-Chief saw and heard at the shows in Milan

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Twitpics Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Twitpics Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Twitpics Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Twitpics Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Twitpics

1.  Looking forward to another great day at #mfw that includes shows from Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, Emporio Armani & Emilio Pucci.

2.  Wow!!! Super gorgeous tailored suits, embellished dresses & gowns at Bottega Veneta. Favourite show at #mfw so far

3.  Unusual to see a show of such perfection. Every suit and dress at Bottega Veneta was gorgeous. Purple & velvet so well executed.

4.  Confused about the front peplums seen at several shows – like wearing a pillow over one’s tummy. Why?

5.  Giorgio Armani’s runway theatre is like a high-end stadium. Bleacher style rows of seats with comfy cushions #mfw

6.  Hits at Emporio Armani = structured totes & mannish flats. Misses = skinny crop-to-knee trousers & hats. #mfw Lots of purple & velvet

7.  The trends shaping up from #mfw – velvet, purple, peplums, belts, mannish flat shoes.

8.  Rode up to Piazza Sempione showroom in an elevator covered inside with buttons – my neurotic phobia (don’t ask). Had the shakes.

9.  Chloe Moretz, recipient of Max Mara’s Future Face Award, is at Sportmax. Not bad for a 15 year old #mfw

I’ve eaten so much pizza, pasta and bread this week that I’ll have to be rolled on to the plane Tuesday.

Absolutely stunning Jil Sander couture-influenced collection. Oversize minimal coats in all colours, whisper thin knit dresses #mfw

Standing ovation and cheers for Raf Simons as he finishes a Jil Sander. Crowd demands curtain call. He’s crying!

Security had to go get Raf as editors stood & cheered. We’re all choked up. He’s a superstar. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

14.  It’s Carnevale weekend in Milan. Streets around the Duomo are packed with wee princesses & Spidermen tossing confetti & silly string

15.  Antonio Marras was inspired by showgirl and singer Milly Mignone. I love his sexy feminine clothes #mfw avail at The Room at The Bay

16.  All of the mannish oxfords & brogues I’m seeing in Milan showrooms for fall seem to stem from Prada’s rubber-soled creepers from last year

17.  So many jerks holding up their massive iPads to take pix during runway show. Block everyone’s view #buzzoff

18.  A more covered-up Pucci than in the past with turtlenecks but lots of sheer panels. Few prints all sexy silhouettes and black.

19.  Milan is kind of place where when they come from an “old Italian family” they really could trace it back to the Borgia (as in Pope) era.

20.  Peter Dundas envisioned his Pucci bride as wearing a crystal-crusted inset white gown with a white mink duffel coat #mfw

Truly amazing day of fashion – Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander & Pucci. Tomorrow starts with Marni & Dolce & Gabbana #mfw Good night!

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