Lisa Tant's Twitter Report: Day 2 at Milan Fashion Week

What our Editor-in-Chief saw and heard at the shows in Milan

TwitPics from Milan TwitPics from Milan TwitPics from Milan

1.  Hello gorgeous morning in Milan!

2.  The perfect Boy to accompany in Milan this week. @chanel that is. #mfw

3.  Max Mara is all about coats – surprise! These ones are army officer inspired with more volume & blouson backs. #mfw

4.  “Each man kills the thing he loves” the trilling refrain at Max Mara. Disturbing with military inspiration on runway #mfw

5.  Last night’s No21 was inspired by Queen Elizabeth in her private life, gardening etc. Who knew? #mfw

6.  Every kind of fur on Fendi’s runway – broadtail, mink, curly lamb, mink. Mad Max meets Pebbles theme. Lots of sleeve detail #mfw

7.  Could Fendi’s new iPad frame bag – shown in broadtail & patterns – be their new baguette? #mfw

8.  Accessories reign at Fendi – weightlifter belts, high heel boots in patched skins, major totes & the new box bag fit for iPads #mfw

9.  In a residential area of Milan – an unlikely place for the Marni outlet

10.  This time last year at #mfw we were buzzing about John Galliano. Now it’s all about Raf Simons. A huge talent & a favourite.

11.  My invite to DSquared2. Could this mean a non-bondage or non-Western theme?? #mfw

12.  Bumped into Tommy Ton at Prada where we admire the hot wheels heels. Shoes? Or garden furniture for me? My home wins this one. #mfw

13.  A stark purple carpeted set at Prada. Flourescent light with neon tubes. #curious

14.  Prada’s footwear is always copied. Today’s pumps feature rubber caps, flats are like rubber deck shoes.

15.  No hot wheels, no monkeys. Prada goes for a hardcore geometric patterned look, or embellished black in structured shapes. #mfw

Classic Prada – if there is such a thing – that highlighted geometric prints, brooch-like embellishments on all, belted jackets w/ crop pant

17.  Madame Prada herself almost takes a tumble in her rubber-capped heels.

18.  Prada beauty: white powdered faces, orange brows, thick black eye liner & dip-dyed long hair. Looks as odd as it sounds – goth circus.

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