Vetements Is Just Trolling Us Now, Right?

These Levi's x Vetements jeans let you bare your butt for some reason—thanks to a strategically-placed zipper—as the Year of Hideous Denim Trends continues

These Levis Vetements jeans are the latest in the slew of ugly denim trends

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Remember in the early-aughts when letting your thong straps peek out of your low-rise jeans was cool, a la Britney?

Well, Vetements will take that cheeky, thankfully-passé fad and raise you a pair of jeans that literally zips down in between your butt cheeks. If your first reaction is a guttural BUT WHY?!, we hear you. Because we don’t think anyone has ever wished they could look like they split their pants on purpose and pay designer prices for the privilege.

The offending high-rise distressed jeans are actually a collaboration between the French brand known for their clickbait street style and un-fashion with venerable denim stalwart Levi’s—which is shocking to say the least. Is it a play for Levi’s to seem hyper-relevant and risque? Hard to say, but it’s impossible not to have an option on such an awkward take on a pair of dependable blue jeans.

Considering it’s only May and there are already contenders, we can’t wait to see who will carry the torch and ultimately take the title of The Most Hideous Denim Design of 2017. Until then, we wait.

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