Letters From London: Rebecca Tay's 5 Favourite Undiscovered (By Canadians) British Brands

Our London correspondent lists some undiscovered-in-Canada finds

Tatty Devine Crown Tiara House of Hackney

Ten years ago, finding a special little swimwear brand from Australia, a pair of boots from Sweden, or a dress from Topshop (which, back then, only had stores in Europe and parts of Asia) was a small badge of honour for anyone working in Canadian fashion.

These days, however, with fashion blogs, online magazines and Twitter–and the continued world domination of brands like Zara and H&M–it can feel like there aren’t any labels, designers, or fashion houses still left undiscovered. We’re even familiar with—and actively covet—those brands that aren’t yet available in Canada: COS, Uniqlo, and Madewell (except online).

With this in mind, I’ve been pleased to discover a whole slew of Brit brands that were new to me—and that I now love. Sure, I knew most of the high street brands (Next, New Look, Primark) and of course, everyone knows that Kate Middleton has a penchant for affordable labels like Whistles, Hobbs, and Reiss (which are similar to Club Monaco or J.Crew). Here, then, are a few other British brands worth checking out.

Check out Rebecca Tay’s favourite undiscovered British brands