Leigh Bryant



Leigh Bryant Montreal, QC

A full time student at McGill University in Montreal, Leigh Bryant’s commitment to make a difference is not onlyreflected in her tremendous volunteer work but also in her studies in International Development and Religion. First exposed to volunteering while in grades 11 and 12 at Magee High School in Vancouver, she assisted with the schools Special Education classes and learned first-hand how important friendships can be to those in need. Before leaving for Montreal she concentrated her volunteer efforts in sport—as a member of the Vancouver Pacific Wave Team and as coach of a recreational synchronized swimming team. Amateur sport in Canada could not survive without significant volunteer time and Leigh Bryant continues her efforts today as the coach of one of the McGill Synchronized Swim Teams, where she was Captain for one year and recently moved up to Coach. Organizing fundraisers and generating publicity for the team she helped garner the necessary dollars the team requires to exist funds that it does not receive from the University or the province. One of six Floor Fellows in residence at Gardner Hall, Leigh is the social coordinator for the first year students and acts as a resource, sup-porter, counselor and friend. As Floor Fellow she volunteers 24-7 to offer help from the occasional missing keys to offering support after a sexual assault has been reported to her. In 2004 Leigh became a founding member of the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Society of McGill. After a close friend lost a loved one to CF Leigh became the Resident Liaison, recruiting members from her residence and actively organizing fundraisers to support research. The Douglas Theatre Company is also a recipient of her tremendous effort. Involved in staging, costumes, publicity, acting and assistant directing you would think her campus volunteering would end there… but it is only the beginning. Four years ago Leigh began as a Student Buddy with Best Buddies Canada, a non-profit organization that fosters friendships between people who have an intellectual dis-ability and students in high schools and universities. Her role has evolved into Campus Coordinator where she super-vises the matches, activities, fundraising, recruiting, administration and sitting on the executive council. Due to Leigh’s volunteer efforts the Best Buddies McGill chapter is one of the biggest and most active in Canada.


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