We Used Kim Kardashian's Fashion App to Update Her Most Questionable, Early Aughts Outfits

So much for trying to scale back our shopping addiction...

Get your credit card(s) ready because Kim Kardashian has just changed the online shopping game—and we are so here for it. The reality star/entrepreneur extraordinaire, who just launched her KKW beauty line this summer, is backing a new app that basically turns pics of your fave OOTD looks into shopping lists.

The ScreenShop app, which is now available for free on the App Store and on Google Play, takes screenshots of your fave inspo and spits out a list of links to online retailers, with a range of prices and sizes, where you can shop the look.

“It’s not a secret that I love social media and the notion of being able to shop from my feed is something I could only dream about,” says Kardashian, who worked as an advisor to the team behind the app for the past year.

While the app works on screenshots of anyone, Kardashian told Vogue that she has defs tested it on pics of herself. “I just did this Yeezy look I was wearing: cream shearling, sweats, a beanie, and sneakers and it pulled up so many sneakers in the same color tone,” she said. “Not white but not really cream. Like the perfect shade. It pulled up coats, the beanie, and it pulled up the sweats. It was really cool to see.”

So we decided to follow her lead—with a slight twist.

These days, Kardashian can literally leave her pants at home and show up to a glitzy NYC fashion event wearing nothing but black tights and somehow manage to look chic AF. But, like oh so many of us, her style has gone through some serious struggles in the past.

Before her infamous booty was firmly planted in the front-row of fashion week shows around the globe, Kardashian struggled with a series of faux pas courtesy of the early 2000s, including wearing belts over sweaters over tank tops. Girl, we’ve all been there. We get it.

Now that she has risen like a fashion phoenix from the proverbial ashes, we decided to use the ScreenShop to take a look back at some of Kim’s most questionable picks from the past—and update them with what’s on offer today.

Baby got belts

Kim Kardashian fashion app: Kim Kardashian in 2006 wearing a grey dress with a white shirt underneath and a big black belt on top with matching black boots

(Photo: Picture Perfect/REX/Shutterstock)

Back when Kim’s biggest claim to fame was her ability to organize Paris Hilton’s closet, she had loved tying her look together with a big ol’ belt. ScreenShopping one of her most iconic “before” pictures revealed that this app might be a useful tool when figuring out how to update your fave fashion trends of the past into chic current looks. Instead of a comically large belt, the app suggested a cute corset belt from Topshop ($27) or, if you feel like splurging, this wide, leather version from Karen Miller  ($103).

Silky sleepwear tanks

Kim Kardashian fashion app: Kim Kardashian in a silver shiny tank top with a fur stoll and white boots over jeans

(Photo: Picture Perfect/REX/Shutterstock)

This pic brings me straight back to the days when spaghetti-strap tanks with a random stripe of lace along the top was my go-to party outfit. Snapping this pic into the ScreenShop app, options included a sexy Boohoo lace cami ($19) or this sleeveless, cable knit jumper from EVIDNT ($102), because let’s be honest, #winteriscoming.

Body con dresses

Kim Kardashian fashion app: Kim Kardashian in a form-fitting body con grey dress and sparkly sandlas with a matching necklace

(Photo: Picture Perfect/REX/Shutterstock)

When I think of Kim pre-Kanye, this is the look that immediately comes to mind. The girl rocked the bandage dress at many an event, in multiple colours. The ScreenShop app didn’t return any results that were an actual match to this look, but it did offer up somewhat similar LBDs such as this lacy Morgan version ($155) or this ruched black velvet option from Miss Selfridge ($30).

Knee-high boots

Kim Kardashian fashion app: Kim Kardashian in white leather boots over jeans with a shiny tank top and jacket over it at the Wii launch

(Photo: Picture Perfect/REX/Shutterstock)

It seems like according to early-aughts Kim, knee-high boots were made for walking any and all carpets. While the trend of boots over pants has since strutted off into the sunset, there is always room in our closet for another pair of sexy knee-highs. ScreenShopping this pic of Kim at the 2006 launch party for the Nintendo Wii (WOW, that’s a throwback) brought up some options that we are seriously considering adding to our winter must-haves. Case in point, these Italian-made white leather boots from Jil Sander ($1584), or the more affordable option from Missguided ($74) .

Overall, the app definitely has some bugs—like broken links or misreading some photos—and there’s an overload of options from ASOS and Boohoo, but just like Kim’s style, we know it’s bound to evolve and TBH, we’re already obsessed.


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