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Here's What the Internet Thought of Kendall Jenner's Gold Smile

It's all about the details, from gold necklaces, to gold hoops, to gold teeth. Kendall Jenner steps out at London Fashion Week with a blinging smile

During London Fashion Week, Kendall Jenner was at the LOVE Magazine and Burberry party, which she hosted on account of her photographing the cover. Along with her chunky knit Burberry cape, she was sporting a bold new accessory: a gold-toothed smile.

Kendall Jenner attends the LOVE Magazine and Burberry party sporting gold teeth

Kendall gives the paparazzi a good look at her gold teeth (Image: SplashNews)

The 21-year-old model/photographer/social media star was flaunting her gold-encrusted pearly whites in photos throughout the evening. Taking pointers from big sis Kim, who was seen sporting sparkly teeth of her own during Paris Fashion Week, and rumoured bae A$AP Rocky, perhaps? Whatever the case, we support you, Kenny.

That said, thousands of haters have taken to Instagram to express their disdain for the new look with somewhat harsh but comedic comments, like “looks like she coloured her teeth in with a Sharpie”, “is she missing teeth?” and my personal fave, “stop hanging out with A$AP Rocky he’s a bad influence. Looks like your teeth are rotting just like your soul.”

Kendall Jenner flashes gold teeth with bff Bella Hadid at LOVE Magazine and Burberry Party at London Fashion Week

Kendall is all smiles leaving the party with gal pal Bella Hadid (Image: REX USA)

Jenner doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the critics, posting several pics from the night on her Instagram account. Whether you’re a supporter of the trend or not, there is no denying Jenner looked gorge, and proved once again that she can pull off basically any look.

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