Katherine Gabarino Of Luv U Always Shows Us Her Closet

The owner of the Montreal leggings label gives us a peek into her wardrobe

Design Label Luv U Always Opens Their Closet to FLARE Design Label Luv U Always Opens Their Closet to FLARE

Try closing the door, we dare you. Louboutin pumps, Alexander Wang bags, and a rainbow of cat-eyed sunglasses fill-up every square inch of Katherine Garbarino’s closet. Between managing the Montreal-based leggings label Luv U Always designed by her younger twin sisters, and former She’s Got Flare stars, Gabrielle and Tara, Katherine reveals her wardrobe staples and fashion influences:

What are your wardrobe must-haves?
“If you know me, you know I love white T-shirts. They burst out of my closet. Oh, and leggings of course. Lately though, I’ve been bitten by the shoe bug.”

What summer trend you’re excited to wear?
“Maxi dresses! I’m obsessed. They’re so easy to throw on. It’s effortless.  Just add sunglasses and go. The weather is so bad in Montreal, [my shoes] spend most of their time in my closet rather than on my feet.”

What’s the best fashion tip you ever got?
“My mom taught me to never buy pieces just for the sake of buying them; you need to have a full outfit in mind.  She also taught me not to be flashy with name brands. I’m discrete about the brands I wear, and the only flashy thing you can see from far are my shiny red soles.” —Nina Mourin