Annoying "Fashion Designer" Kanye West Accused of Ripping Off a Print

But it sounds like he's not getting away with it

Remember when Kanye made everyone wait two hours for his spring 2017 fashion show, which ended up being a bunch of glorified Spanx? Or how about all the times he’s claimed he wants to make accessible clothing and then turns around and sells things like a $120 white T-shirt? Then there’s the time he bragged about being the most influential person in sneakers… Well, it’s time to refresh your memory with yet another reason why he’s the most annoying designer ever: looks like Kanye knowingly ripped off a print for his latest Yeezy collection.

On Thursday, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises filed a lawsuit against Yeezy, alleging that some of the pieces in the Season 5 collection feature their trademarked Realtree print. See this Yeezy thigh-high boot:

According to Jordan Outdoor, West totally knew what he was doing, too. In 2011, a rep from Yeezy apparently called them and requested information on the camo print. They told the rep a licensing application would have to be submitted if they wished to use it, and that was the last they heard from anyone at Yeezy.

And yet, here is Kim K wearing Yeezy pants in the allegedly stolen print:

Jordan Outdoor is now reportedly suing Kanye for damages and wants to be reimbursed for legal fees. They also want Yeezy to stop selling the infringing pieces and turn them over to be destroyed.

Maybe Kanye should stick to bland neutrals in undergarment-adjacent silhouettes. It’s not super original, but at least it won’t involve a potential court case.


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