I Truly Cannot With Justin Bieber's Golf Attire

*Raise your hand if you too have been personally victimized by golf camp*

A photo of Justin Bieber in a black t-shirt, shorts and slides with Hailey Baldwin

(Photograph: Splash)

You know what they say, those who can do and those who can’t…golf. Ok, nobody says that, but the adage stands. Because *probably popular opinion* golf is the worst (sorry, Dad!). Clearly in disagreement is avid golfer and recently-engaged singer, Justin Bieber, who has been getting into the swing of things with wife-to-be Hailey Baldwin. The duo—who have clearly skipped over the honeymoon straight into retirement—were spotted by TMZ at a golf course in Atlanta (we weren’t kidding about that whole retirement thing).

They’re young, they’re in love, everything is great. Not so great? The blaring eyesore that is the Biebs’ golf attire. I’m serious, I take personal offence to the singer’s look, and it is a lewk: baggy shorts, an oversized top, askew hat and that footwear. Not in our clubhouse, honey.

Where’s the collared shirt? Where’s the closed-toe shoes? Where are the slightly ill-fitting-but-we’ll-make-it-work khakis? How does the Biebs expect to get any business dealings done on the course looking like that? Do they think they can just flounce right in, crop tops and baggy shorts in hand and defy the longstanding (and seriously problematic) rules of golf? The answer is NO.

As someone who was signed up for and subjected to *several* summers of golf camp, which included early a.m’s at the club, golf drills at the driving range and the purchasing and wearing of more collared shirts and skorts than I care to admit, this gives me a lot of *feels*. I’m seriously having flashbacks just thinking about it.

MOST offensive? The Biebs’ continued  push to make socks and sandals happen (again). Since getting engaged in early July, Bieber has made a *serious* effort to revamp this ’90s trend, incorporating socks and slides into his engagement-tour, fashion repertoire—and sometimes even straight-up wearing hotel slippers in lieu of actual slides. As any avid golfer knows, footwear is v. important. How can we expect the Biebs to execute a perfect pivot to complete his swing, when we’re worried about his socks slipping right out of his shoes? They’re not just an eyesore, they’re straight up impractical. (FYI, the Biebs later shed his precious slides to golf in peace—and safety—sans shoes, which is an even bigger no-no than the slides TBH).

I.AM.FIRED.UP. But maybe, probably, definitely a little jealous? Because at its core, this is a story about being so rich and famous that you can literally do whatever you want, golf gods be damned. And that’s just something my little, traumatized, golf-camp self can’t quite fathom. Let’s be real, I too would have loved to roll up to the club(house), golf caddy in tow, in *anything* but a collared shirt.

But, I definitely wouldn’t have worn slides. Still a hard pass.


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