John Galliano Hit With More Allegations

The designer was caught on camera

Photos by Keystone Press

An unidentified woman has filed a second complaint of anti-Semitism against John Galliano. According to the designer’s lawyer, the woman filed the complaint to the Paris police on Saturday, stating she was the victim of a verbal attack at Paris’ La Perle bar.

Galliano is already suspended from his post at Dior, pending investigation into an accusation made by Géraldine Bloch and Philippe Virgiti that the designer hurled anti-Semitic remarks at them on Thursday night, also at La Perle. Galliano has filed for defamation against the two.

Though eyewitnesses have reportedly come forward claiming that Galliano made no such remarks to Bloch and Virgiti, a video supposedly taken at La Perle on a separate evening, released by Britain’s Sun newspaper, does not help the designer’s case. In it, Galliano addresses a group of fellow patrons with a slurred “I love Hitler … People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be fucking gassed.”

There is no confirmation on when the video was taken or whether it is connected to the complaint filed Saturday. If convicted, Galliano could face a hefty fine of 22,500 euros and six months in prison and though Dior has not yet commented on these new allegations, we can’t imagine the designer has much time left with the house.

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