John Galliano Found Guilty

The embattled designer will not face jail time

Photos by Keystone Press

A Paris court has found John Galliano guilty of making anti-Semitic remarks. The designer was given suspended fines totalling 6,000 Euros (meaning he won’t have to pay unless he reoffends), but has avoided the six months of jail time, the maximum allowable under French law for making racist comments. Galliano was not present for the verdict.

It was a quick descent for Galliano after Geraldine Bloch and Philippe Virgit filed a complaint that the designer had verbally attacked the pair at Paris, Cafe Perle. News of the accusations tore through the fashion world right on the cusp of the Fall 2011 collections in Paris. Galliano was immediately suspended by Dior. Shortly after the initial complaint, another accuser came forward and a cellphone video that showed the designer, apparently intoxicated, saying “I love Hitler.” After Miss Dior Cherie face Natalie Portman distanced herself from the comments, Galliano was fired from Dior and his own eponymous label. Both shows walked in Paris without him.

The speculation over who will step into the Dior post continues to roil, with Marc Jacobs being the most recent target of rumour.

Galliano testified at the trial that he had been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and does not remember the incident that cost him his career.