Joe Fresh Planning To Launch E-Commerce

Plans are in place for the Canadian mass label

Joe Fresh New York Joe Fresh New York
Joe Fresh New York

Photo Courtesy of @JoeFreshNY

We caught up with Joe Mimram in New York at the Joe Fresh flagship store opening to talk about the label’s expansion plans, the season’s top trends, and when we can expect to shop the brand online.

FLARE: The [new flagship] store looks amazing. How do you feel about it?

Joe Mimram
: Obviously very excited. This has been a hell of a journey, right?  We’ve been talking about this store for a long time, working on it, designing it. We went through all kinds of issues with the historical board to ensure that it got approved, and it’s culminated I think into a pretty beautiful store.

FLARE: This is your sixth store in the American Northeast.  Do you have plans for a West Coast or Southern expansion?

JM: Well I think we need to take a deep breath, get ourselves organized and see what the next step is.  I do believe in clustering; I think clustering is always a good strategy because it allows you to focus in one geographical area before moving too far out. 

FLARE: Are there any plans to expand into e-commerce?

JM: Yes, e-commerce is a big part of where we want to go in the future.  I think you’ve got to have an e-commerce platform today to be relevant. The growth is that area is pacing at around 10 or 12 percent a year so it’s a very important piece of business going forward.

FLARE: What do you think the must have trends this spring?

JM: Stripes have been a huge story for this spring, and continue to be.  I think prints are important, [in particular] conversational prints and some of the floral prints are very important for the season. The wide leg pant is very important…[and] the bubble dress, which I really love. I think there are so many trends that are on slow burn right now, they are all sort of happening at the same time and they’re not going away. Whereas in the past, the trends seemed to come and go much quicker, I think now they come and they kind of fade a little bit, then they sort of hang around.

Click here for a look inside the new store.