Jean Paul Gaultier Returns To Ready-To-Wear With Retrospective Collection

Expect a clash of fabrics and alternate shapes as the legendary designer nods to the past with new refreshed label

Jean Paul Gaultier

Photo by Dominique Maitre for WWD

Jean Paul Gaultier is re-joining the ready-to-wear game with a new line that looks back at his greatest runway hits. Nodding to his creations from the ’80s to ’90s, the showman is pulling from his archives for an all-new collection launching this fall. 15 statement pieces from his lengthy career will all land in the pre-seasonal collection which will soon expand into a full seasonal offerings.  “The idea is to mix pieces based on a two-make-one-formula and create new looks, while playing with the shapes and colours,” Gaultier told WWD. From a re-inspired structured blazer to wide leg pants from 1982, these new pieces seem bolder and shapelier for their second appearance on the racks.  “It’s about contrasts: femininity and masculinity, alternate shapes and the clash of fabrics,” shared the runway favourite.

It seems this time around Gaultier has decided not to mess with a good thing.


Photo by Dominique Maitre for WWD


Photo by Dominique Maitre for WWD