Jay Manuel Delivers A Jetset Feeling At Attitude

Attitude Jay Manuel Spring 2012 Attitude Jay Manuel Spring 2012 Attitude Jay Manuel Spring 2012

At Toronto Fashion Week, where there’s dry ice, there’s probably Jay Manuel. Last night, Canada’s silver fox presented his second effort since becoming creative director of Attitude, Sears’ in-house clothing label. Where last season was an ode to ’70s YSL (via Tom Ford), this season took on the same decade, albeit through the lens of James Bond-meets-the-Capri-jetset. (The former had more to do with the dry ice fog and Shirley Bassey vocals than the actual clothes, unless we missed the one where the Bond girl sported jumpsuits in Missoni-ish prints.)

Manuel packed the collection with easy-wearing pieces–trouser-cut pants in white and lightweight denim, trenchcoats ranging from cropped red cotton to perforated khaki faux suede, and a handful of slim-fit knit dresses–done up in as glamourous a manner as possible. One did hope that Marcello Mastroianni would drive by and give you a lift on the back of his Vespa. Adding to the coastal feel were light printed pieces to mix with a more tailored foundation–the aforementioned Missoni-esque pieces, as well as tie-dyed stripes and a kaleidescopic “rain storm” print.

While the shows themselves have become a reliable bit of campy spectacle, complete with a many-times-lifesize Mr. Jay backdrop, Manuel uses it to deliver a solid showing that will make his customers very happy.

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