The best way to get your event noticed

Every week, it seems that dozens of invitations flood into our office. These range from meet and greets with visiting designers to fashion shows and beauty launches. At some times of the year – during Toronto Fashion Week and the Toronto International Film Festival – editors will be invited to multiple shows and parties. May and November are also packed with fundraising auctions.

Only a handful will be covered in FLARE and Here are some tips to help your event stand out:

Check the date
FLARE‘s editors often receive a call in advance of a big event checking possible dates. That quick call before confirming a date could save you a lot of hassle with conflicting events. Also, it sounds basic but it bears repeating – it’s never a good idea to schedule anything around a major religious holiday or long weekend.

Think about the time
When we’re on deadline, it’s hard for an editor to take two hours out of the middle of their day for a lunch / product launch. (And if we do, the event should be wrapped up in 90 minutes maximum.) Many find breakfast or end of day (5pm) timing easier to manage. I don’t expect editors to attend fashion shows that start after 10pm either. Those shows are for friends and club goers, not editors who likely started their day at 9am. Same with shows scheduled for a weekend. We’ll attend those on very rare instances.

Speaker’s corner
I always appreciate being told the estimated time that a speaker will arrive or presentations will be made. That way I’ll be on time instead of missing it completely or standing around for 45 minutes.

Have a press kit ready to go
I was at an event recently that presented some interesting news that I was anxious to get online. However, there was no press release available. Instead, the PR person promised to send me “a few sentences about it by email”. Those never arrived. I had the impression that I was inconveniencing her – so why have the event? This was a major company that was woefully unprepared.

Book guest interviews
It seems basic but I wish everyone would follow this PR golden rule – send a ‘save the date’ notice ideally three weeks in advance. Follow up two weeks before the event with interview requests – those are best for earlier in the day prior to the event.

I’ll be back again next week. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter