Introducing the Twin Sisters & Photographers Behind Jane and Jane

Meet 26-year-old identical twins Brianne and Brittany Daigle from Hamilton, Ont. as they debut their haunting Rotten Fruit editorial on

jane and jane

How did you first get into photography?
Brianne: I actually got into art school and because it was quicker than painting I stared photographing. I used Brittany a lot as my subject because she was willing and accessible. From there, we both went to Sheridan for different programs and started working together and developing our sense of style and when school was done, jane and jane was born.

How did you decide to operate under your shared middle name?
On our mom’s side all the girls (going back five generations) have the same middle name. We liked the history we had with that and thought it was would be interesting to operate as identical twins with identical middle names.

Do you have that twin simpatico thing going on (telepathic connection, secret language, etc.?) and how does that affect your work?
We do (at least one of us thinks we do!). It makes us flow better when we are shooting because we know what the other needs with just a look or a word.

Working with family can be challenging, let alone your twin. What’s the experience been like so far?
It has been the best and we wouldn’t change it for the world! It can be challenging working with a partner in general but we understand each other so well that we can help pick up what the other needs and balance each other out.

What inspires you and your work?
Life, as cheesy as that sounds! It’s just going out, taking risks, being open-minded and it all comes from that.

How would you describe your shooting style and aesthetic?
Our aesthetic is continually growing but I would like to think our work has a moody, eye-catching quality to it. We love when pictures stand together but also on their own and still tell a story. We are always aiming for that.

What’s your favourite shoot to date?
Generally, our favourite shoot tends to be the one that was just created. I would say that [Rotten Fruit] is one of our favorites, though.

There’s not a lot of information about you online. Is that a purposeful choice?
I don’t know if we would call a purposeful choice but we like the anonymity that it presents.

Ideal subject and/or collaborator?
Ideal subject would be anyone who is different, whether that comes through in having beautiful big ears, a shaved head or even the way someone conducts themselves.

Anything else people should know about you?
We make maple syrup in the winter and are bee keepers in the summer!

What inspired the Rotten Fruit photo shoot featured below?
The contrast between something that is beautiful and full of life with something that once was and now is no longer. It’s finding beauty in the things we often find dismissive.

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