Intern's Diary Preparing for WMCFW


From left: FLARE’s assistant market editor, Jillian Vieira; designer Michael Li Preti; intern Sabina Sohail; acting digital managing editor, Rebecca Perrin; and intern Alex Brown. iPad image c/o Natalie McLeod

Written by Alex Brown

It may still be winter—meaning snow storms, sub-zero temperatures and general discomfort—but World MasterCard Fashion Week is almost upon us. For a few days, we’ll have to suck it up and suffer for fashion. The sun is not on our side, but there’ll be something brighter to see: not just the runways, but the many street-style stars who flock to David Pecaut Square to dazzle us with inspired outfits and bursts of creative flair.

If you’re a traditionalist like me, this event is still Toronto Fashion Week, but no matter what you call it, its popularity and significance are undeniable. Whispers echo for weeks, heck, months prior among editors, designers and fashion admirers: “Have you gotten your tickets yet?” As we prepare for fashion week here at FLARE, we decided to invite you in to a bit of the fun—and inevitable chaos. First, we’ve captured a couple of the best fashion, accessories and beauty looks spotted this past week in the offices, above.


Original image c/o George Pimentel

But being behind the scenes isn’t always glamorous; it’s hard work. Fashion week requires stamina: while our editors are working away to meet their regular deadlines during work hours, there are still shows to be seen afterwards—an onslaught of runways to be photographed, categorized and assessed for issues to come. We don’t get much sleep, but we live on the adrenaline of it all. There’s vitamin D in those runway lights, right?


Original images c/o Stockroom Mag, Unlabelled, MTV Fora, Lou Lou, and Luxe Life

Lastly, not everyone who attends counts among the enviable fashion elite, but there are cracks through which new talents can shine their light: by showcasing incomparable new designs or wicked personal style, or simply smiling for the right camera. Above, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite street-style looks from seasons past. They’re the kinds of outfits that immediately make you wonder, “Where did she get that? How does she do it?” Though I’m still a rookie, I’ve learned that the best parts of fashion week come down to two things: the element of surprise and the persistence of wonder. These are our guiding lights to brighter days ahead.