FLARE Five: How Many Dates Till... You Google Him?

Is not internet stalking the new abstinence?

internet stalking

Pop culture Waiting to Google your future husband is the hottest thing you can do short of waiting to sleep with him, according to The Cut’s latest relationship trend piece, which calls not Internet stalking your date “the new abstinence.” We’re not sure we’re keen on either form of abstinence, frankly.

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Beauty Brazilian beauties are getting an extra boost from international press during the World Cup—as if supermodel ambassador Gisele Bündchen wasn’t enough. The U.K.’s Daily Mail got positively Pavlovian over the Green and Yellow’s sexy supporters. If you’re longing for the bronzed skin of a Brazilian bombshell, Elle offers up their best beauty secrets.

Health Yikes. The misery of a hangover may be a risk factor for alcoholism rather than a deterrent. The reason: science confirms that “the hair of the dog” really does curb a hangover’s effects (as does an English breakfast). Get the scoop on the emerging science related to morning-after misery from hangover expert Richard Stephens in an interview with The Atlantic.

Fashion Freeballing: that’s what the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, calls going without a handbag. Others may call it Insanity, because where in the heck would you put your entire life? There is a middle ground, though, a way to freeball without freefalling into a nervous breakdown: Man Repeller’s bag suggestions for the woman who prefers carrying a lighter load.

Sex Snap up the man who always sees the glass as half-full rather than half-empty, says, because that guy knows how to treat a lady over the long term. The article cites research suggesting optimistic partners make the best lovers/life partners.

Don’t worry if you can’t find that perfect guy right now: there are other ways to put a smile on your face. See our recent interview with sex expert Dr. Lauren Streicher.