Inside The Versace for H&M Party. Plus, The New Commercial

Celebs and the industry's elite celebrate Donatella in style

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Photo courtesy of H&M

Celebrities, fashion stars and designers came out to toast Donatella Versace at the global launch party for her new collection with H&M, which lands in Canada on November 19. With over 100 pieces to choose from ranging from womenswear, menswear and accessories, the bold and va-va-voom line nods to the house’s greatest hits with a modern edge.

Set inside a gilded room of mirrored walls, stars ranging from actresses Blake Lively and Selma Blair to supermodel Linda Evangelista and film director Sophia Coppola mingled with champagne in hand as we waited for the highly-anticipated show to start. With rows lined-up like Versace’s iconic Greek key motif, the runway room filled up quickly and excitement reached fever pitch–and that was just the beginning.

To our right, hip-hop star Nicki Minaj slipped out from behind a black curtain to reveal her show-stopping look, as she headed towards her front row seat. Inspired by Donatella’s new line, Minaj took the digital palm prints literally and added a few fresh leaves to her bedazzled Versace ensemble. Up front, Prince sauntered in and the crowd stood cheering for the music icon as flash bulbs went wild as the last seat was filled.

Lights up, music blaring and within seconds the gold runway floor glows as Donatella’s army of H&M clad models strut down the runway, each with a unique look from the collection. Studded leathers, print and print and fluorescent hues dominated the line. As the final looks came through and Donatella walked out for her bow, she took a turn and headed towards a gold printed wall which parted and unveiled the Versace disco lounge. As editors and the stars rushed into the new space, cellphone cams were raised high as Nicki Minaj was only seconds away from singing on stage.

‘Don-a-tella, Don-a-tella” chanted Minaj as she pumped out hit after hit during her full set for the Versace fan filled crowd. Decked out in a street-wear ensemble with printed baseball jacket and cap to match, the eccentric star made it known that Donatella’s back and better than ever.

Following Minaj’s breakout performance, Prince took the stage and brought his iconic swagger to the mic. The legend finished his set of wondrous tunes with ‘Purple Rain’ and it felt like the song that would never end, and no one in the room was complaining. As the clock hit midnight, Prince wrapped up and the flood gates were open to the exclusive pre-shop for editors. Curtains lifted to reveal racks filled with the new line and elbows were up to see who would get what first. Mannequins were undressed, racks emptied and the queue to check out was miles long. With totals ranging in the thousands, these Versace die-hards meant business.

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